Of course, BYOB !
But, it's difficult to drink a paint of beer.
So I usually drink a glass of water.
I don't want to drink soda.
Because it contains sugar and other additives.
Be careful to take in to much soda.
It's not good for health.
I recommend 100% juice or bottled water.
It's well enough !
I like coffee and drink it not for thirsty but for relaxing.

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Training 6

Why don't many Japanese look other people in the eye when speaking ?

Really ? I don't think so. But maybe you're right.
I think the reason that many Japanese don't look other people in the eye is may be experssion of Japanese politeness.
Japanese think lthat ooking other's eye for long time is rude and provocative.
For example in Japan there was such a popular expression.
"Why do you look at me (何、見てるんだ?)"
So Japanese avoid looking eyes.


Why are alcoholic bevarages sold in vending machines in Japan?

I don't know the reason why.
But I think because it's a marketing tactics.
Vending machines make us to buy drinks easily.
And we can buy not only alcoholic bevarages but also many products by vending machines.
Japan have a unique culture of vending machines.
Of course, Japanese is more peaceful than other company.
So almost all the vending machines are safe.

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In this week There ware heavy rain.
I think this month is humid and rainy.
But I didn't wear rainboots yet.
This month I'm worried about washing, laundries.
Because usually I go to my office after dring clothes in the sun.
But sometimes suddenly rain was falling.
I had to wash again ! ! !
Anyway it has been very sticky at night in this month.
So I can't sleep well enough, and it 's a big problrem for me.
Humid climate makes me very tired.


I want a bicycle.
because it is very useful for shopping.
Of couse, I like walking.
But sometimes I'm tired because I had a heavy load.
If I have a bycycle, I want to go freely.
Now in summer, so I want to go to the sea for cooling.
Perhaps I go to my office by bycycle.
I want to buy sport type bycycle.
But there are many kind of bycycle.
And sometimes they are very expensive.


Um...It's adifficult question.
I enjoyed singing at music class, but I couldn't remember.
I hear that recentry there are many japanse pops tunes in textbook !
I think I tended to like a minor key tune.
Because I like minor scale.
Sorry it's along long long time ago.
But I remember I enjoyed school chorus festival.
I sang soprano part.
Now my range of voice isn't so high.
And I don't like karaoke.
Of course, I sometimes sing at my house.


Before, I went to a fitness gym and enjoyed a weight training.
So I felt a stiff muscles constantly.
but I wanted to feel it.
Because a stiff muscles is necessary for build up my body.
I was really into hard exercis.
So if I didn't feel stiff muscles, I could't do exercis enough.
Of course sometimes I had a sore muscles.
Now I'm very busy, so I abandon training.


Why are Japanese parents so soft on their children?

I think before people didn't need to be worried about their children's future.
Because at that time japanese was developing country so business conditionsis better than now.
So they shouldn't feel to educate their children by their own hands.
Here educate means a profound study for example.
In conclusion, now parents didn't think how to educate their children in earnest.
So they are soft.


confucian : 儒教
crumble : 崩れる
profound : 深い
indulgence : 甘やかし


Today I went to other English school.
Because the school I go to now will be finish in July.
I enjoy this school but I want to need a time to speak more.
So I want to try one-on-one lesson.
I had a lesson about for 30 min with native speaker.
I felt the strain because I'm not accustomed with talking foreigner.
After checking skill level I told that my greatest weak point is listening !
I thought it was grammar so I was surprised and felt shock !
Maybe I am going to start one-on-one lesson.
And My English ability will be improve !

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In Japan "叱る" is quite different from "怒る".
"怒る" contains angry feeling.
But we "叱る" with educating purpose.
Why do you "叱る" ?
You should build win-win relationship.
So coaching technique is very important skill.
We should try to aprove one's weak point.
And develop strong point.
Don't forget that you're not perfect person.
Recentry I realize it.
So when I reprove someone, for example a younger colleague,
I speak calm and let him think why, what and how.


I think I'm a tidy.
However I clean my room every weekend.
And I clean the whole house at the end of the year.
When I cleaned up my room, I didn't surprise.
But when I moved my house I found what I forgot.

For example ???
I can't remember, sorry.

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training 3

Why are the Japanese always so quick to pour sake into other's cup ?


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Q 1
What do you think about female employees serving tea or coffee in Japanese companies ?

Before such a custom is common in Japanese companies, but now I think it become repealing.
Because it's unfair for female and very conservative idea.
So if you want to drink a tea or coffee, let's serve by yourself.
It's easy.

Why do you think it is becoming more common for people to change their jobs?

I think it's not common yet in Japan. Almost all people work at one company.
Because there is still an age limit.
Of course , we take care about retirement money.
But now, because of recession, many people lost job, so as a result they should get new job.

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Word Power Made Easy

Hi !
Yesterday I drunk a lot, so today I had a hungover.

Since I have begun to study English again, I keep at study English almost everyday.
Recentry I started building a vocabulary.
I couldn't explain what I want to speach.
So I should have to increase vocabulary.
I hear teaching material by using iPOD.
But I think I can't increase my vocabulary only listening.
So I started reading books.
There are many kind of vocabulary books.

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No way !
Today's topic is about food again.
Trackback maker likes to eat?
Take care too much eating.

Anyway I like a curry.
I made a curry once a month.
It's usually a chicken curry.
I like beef curry but beef is expensive.
I like hot taste so I use red pepper.
And I use carrots, onions, ginger and garlic.

Of couse when I was a boy I like a sweet taste.
But now I like a hot taste.


Oh, today's topic is about food, I'm boring.
I made my dinner by myself.
So it's dipends on when I came back home.
But usually I ate 8-9 o'clock.

I ate breackfast at 6 o'clock.
Six hour after I had my lunch.
So I want to eat dinner about 6 or 7 o'clock.

Usually my dinner is simple.
I take care of calorie and don't want fell full at night.


It's difficult question.
Because I love music.
There are many kind of album jackets.
For example, photo, paint, CG.

I don't like artist's photo jacket.
Because there are no artistic.
I like painting than photo.
I like jackets which I can imagine what kind of music.
Of course music is more important than jackets.

Today I'm so tired and have no time.
See you tomorrow !


Of course I like food, especially sweets.
Drinks are also welcome.
In my office there are many people so I can eat special product.
Sometimes I can eat something from abroad.
I like vin so I hope somebody will bring me a vin.
But other alcoholics are welcome.

I my case , I brought sweets.
I was born in Kyusyu and there are many tasteful sweets.

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Paper books

Today I went to a book store to buy paper books.
Of course I want to enhance reading speed.
perhaps you hear about : Penguin Readers, Oxford Bookworms, Cambridge English Readers and Macmillan Readers.
These books are sorted several levels and contained many topics.
So I can chose what I want to read.
Recentry I read Agatha Christie in Japanese.
So today I bought "Death on the Nile(ナイルに死す)".
I was surprised that it was cheaper than Japanese book !
I wonder that the translate fee is expensive.
But if you want to buy, you should not use "Amazon co. jp.".
Because price are usually more expensive.

Anyway tis book is Level 5 : 2300 headwords(Upper-intermediate).
I don't know I can read without dictionary.
But I'll try !

penguin readers
Oxford Bookworms
Cambridge English Readers
Macmillan Readers


I Think there were many topic about lunch ! ! !
I'm boring this topic because I usually ate my handmade lunch.
Of couse I know that if I don't like this topic I should write other topic.
Anyway, recentry I'm always hungry.
I think my lunch box is too small.
But preparing a lunch is sometimes bothered me.
I 'm in a dilemma between time and money.

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Yes I am !
When I was a boy I didn't like brushing my teeth.
I don't know why I thought so.
So I had cavities for several times.
And of course I didn't like dentists.
But after I graduated high school, I have never been to a dentist.

Now I feel not good without after eating a lunch.
I don't use tooth paste.
There are many people who don't use it.
I think it's not bad for health.

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Now I'm wearing T-shirt.
Recentyl weather is unstable.
But it's humid.
When I went to my office earyl in the morning, I feel cold.
But when I arrived at my office sun is shining.
So it is diffficult to choose what I wear.
Sometime I feel hot and sometime I feel cold.
And at night it is cold.

I think that if it is always calm weather, we can save much money for clothes.
We don't need coat and air conditioner is unnecessary.
The most comfortable temperature for me is about 20-25 degree celsius.
It's enough to wear T-shirt.


I don't remember.
Be careful and confirm e-mail adress when you send at office outlook.
When I was a freshman I mistook adress and sent the head of a department.
I was horrified when I noticed.
At once I call and ask to delete without reading.

I tell you anothe story.
Once upon a time I had hang over at office.
Then I wrote e-mail to my friends.
Of course i made a many mistypes.
Next day my friend sent me the mail I wrote.
My friends laughed so much !

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When you can't translate Japanese to English,
you maybe sometimes refer to WEB ONLINE DICTIONARY.
I usually use Yahoo dictionary.
It is very useful especially for English spell.
If your spell isn't correct, dictionary shows other propose.

But now I recommend Merriam-Webster
If you are already iPOD user, you hear "Merriam-Webster" vocabulary program.
Please go to website and try it.
The reason why I recommend is you can hear "Pronunciation"
I think it's very important for beginner like me.
And Etymology is also available.
If you are vocabulary mania, it's helps you very much !
Of course English-English dictionary is beteer than English-Japanese dictionary.

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