voice recorder

Recentry I bought a voice recorder because now I try shadowing English. To check my shadowing, the voice recorder is a must item. I can also check my pronunciation, accent and intonation. I think it's very cool tool for study English. We can use the voice recorder as a walkman. In my case, I can hear faster speed. So it's good trainning for listening. I use it for my English lesson too. With it, I can review lesson enough. Of course I can check my English conversation ability. I'm always disappointed. . . Anyway I can downroad the deta to my PC, so I can review. I beliebe that I can improve conversation skill efficiently by using this gadget.

Today's lesson

Today's topic isn't as difficult as last lesson.Because this time almost all sentence is assertive sentences.I learned types of restaurant and restaurant reviews.Today's grammar is relative(as. . . as).

affirmation / negative
Me, too. / Me, neither.
I do too. / I don't either.
So do I. / Neither do I.

on the weekend / during the week

I finished homework and reviews.

Of course I think reviews is important to improve my skill.But I'm going to prepare for lessons well from now.English private lesson tuition is expensive.So I try more active and enjoy it !


It's a difficult question.
because recentry I didn't go to the mountain or the sea.
But I like the sea rather than the mountain because I like tunning.
Of course I like swimming and want to try body board.
Anyway, so it's hard to imagine summer mountain.
Maybe I can enjoy hiking or camp.
Before I didn't enjoy summer season much, so I want enjoy this hottest season.
for example I want enjoy beach resort.
But tanning mekes me so tired. . .
When I was a student at university, I played tennis everyday in summer.
Now I can't imagine playing tennis under the burning sun.

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Today's lesson

Today I had one on one English lesson.
Today I learned an importance of accent, intonation and fluency.
Of course I know that, but I'm not accustomed to speak English.
So it was grammatically very easy but hard to speak.
Moreover teacher said your English speaking style is writing English.
Let's take advantage of this opportunity and buy textbook.
For example "daily conversation dialogue" or something.
And again and again I try speaking.
Today I felt shock because I thought I could speak well.
But as a matter of fact I could't speak fluentry.


Unfortunately, it was so cloudy that I couldn't watch eclipse.
To tell the truth at first I don't interested in the eclipse.
But gradually I wanted to watch it.
There many people who wanted to the eclipse and go somewhere to watch.
Anyway I couldn't watch at real time, but after I watch NHK video.
It was very fantastic and was beyond my imagination.
I recommend watching movie.
The eclipse is very mysterious event.
But I think almost all the people didn't understand the astronomy.
Of course I didn't understand well.
Isn't it a good thing ?

Drink means...

I'd like something to drink.
In this case drink means soft drink.

I'd like a drink.
In this case drink means hard drink (alcohol).

So take care !
Don't say children "Would you like a drink ?"

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Teacher told me . . .

My English was Kid's English ! ! !
Don't say he said ". . . "

Kid : Can I go over Billy's lunch ?
Mom : Yes, you can. Is Billy's mon there now ?
Kid : Yes, she is. Do you want to speak to her ?
Mom : Yes, I do. Can you call her for me ?
Kid : Yes I can. When ?
Mom : Now !

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Today is rainy day.
After the end of the rainy season, it was rainy day.
But I didn't wearing my rain boots in this season.
Perhaps, heavy rain didn't happend so much.
Of course I remembered several time heavy rain, thunder and lightnings.
Anyway I didn't like rain because my foot became wet.
It was uncomfortable.
And rain makes me feel low.
My favorite season is Spring.
To tell the truth I want live where is no needs air conditioner.
I can't sleep well now because it is very hot.

If the rain comes they run and hide their heads
They might as well be dead
If the rain comes, if the rain comes

When the sun shines they slip into the shade
And sip their lemonade
When the sun shines, when the sun shines

Rain, I don't mind
Shine, the weather's fine

I ca show you that when it starts to rain
Everything's the same
I can show you, I can show you

Rain, I don't mind
Shine, the weather's fine

Can you hear me that when it rains and shines
It's just a state of mind
Can you hear me, can you hear me


Today I went to Ochanomizu.
I'm familiar with Ochanomizu because I commuted prep school.
Ochanomizu is famous for winter spots shop, instrumental shop.
But the most famous thing is that there are many used books stores.
Recentry I read many book so I should take care about cost.
So I mainly bought used book by using AMAZON.
But shiping fee is expensive, 340 yen.
Therefore I could't buy paperback cheaper.
So when I wanted to buy paperbooks, I decide that I didn't use web store.
This weekend I could buy the book I wanted.

Moreover there is used CD shop in Ochanomizu.
Such shops is convenient for me.
I decided that I don't buy brand-new CD anymore.
here I can buy many CD I want at ceaper cost.
I have to save my money.

Good Day Sunshine

This week I have three straight holidays.
It's fine today but a little sticky.
Today I went to real estate agent to search my new apartment.
I want to move till March.
I want consider carefully, so I start to seach now.
But there are no amart which fit my request.
Of course If I had more money, I could rent more easily.
I wonder why rent fee is such a expensive in Tokyo ? ? ?
I don't want to pay much money so I seek serendipity.
And recentry I think that working at Tokyo is not good for financial view.
Anyway I have to have timing and fortune.
I kwow that I can find a wonderful apart.


Recentry I read detective novels, especially Agatha Christie.
I usually read Japanese books, but sometimes read Penguin readers.
But naturally I like hard boiled novel.
For example Chandler, Hammet and so on.
I also like Clancy, Forsyth, Ellroy.
Now I'm busy so it's hard to keep time to read novels.
I read books but my interest isn't novels.
I mainly read motivational books.
So there are many books which I didn't read yet.
Of course I read Japanse novels.
I don't like Gothic(it's awful) and romance(it's boring).

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This week is a final exam week at English language school.
I had two speaking test and one paper test.
The pepar test is very easy because it's only text review.
I think that writing this blog also helped me English writing.

Speaking test wasn't easy.
First I felt pressure so I couldn't concentrate well.
I asked question once again.
And I couldn't answer fluently.
Second I couldn't express what I want say.
I know I'm lack of vocabulary but I face up to the cold, hard facts of the situation.

Anyway, I'll pass the exam because exam is only a formal.
But it's good experience for me and I feel that I want to communicate more by using English.
From next week, My new English life will begin !


Why do even adults read comic books on train Japan ?

As far as I concern, it's Japanese culture.
In Japan they prefer comic to book.
There are many comic magazines in Japan and some of them are written for adults.
So they read comic books.
And maybe they don't have enought time to read comin in their house.
But recentry they tend to use celler phone, e-mail or internet.
They also play "Nintendo DS light".
It's trend now.


Of course to stay at English speaking country over 1 year is best way to learn English.
Because we are forced to use English every day, every time.
But it's not easy to do so.
If we are under 30 you can use "working holiday".
Personally I think, to have English speaking friends is better way to learn English.
For us, English is usually comunication tool. so lwe should comunicate !
And doing practice English is a must.
I think younger you study, better you learn.
You can also learn English way of thinking that is different far from Japanese.

The best place to visit in Japan ?

It's very difficult to choose best place.
In my opinion, there are many beautiful place in Japan.
Because Japanese culture is unique.
So it's depends on what you intoroduce.
For example japanese architecture, landscape, foods and so on.
But last summer I went to Amakusa in Kumamoto prefecture.
Amakusa was very impressed me.
So I recommend Amakusa.
Amakusa is a small island, so if you want to go there you crossthe four beautiful bridge called 天草大橋.
There are beautiful landscape and ocean.
Of course you can enjoy seaside resort and dolphin watching.
Myoukennura, a national monument, is also very beautiful.
And you can enjoy delicious seefoods !

Amakusa Takarajima Trip Navigation

The best way to stay health.

I'm good at health because I love going to fitness gym.
I know many theories about diet and health
If you want to stay healty, you should take care about foods and exercise.
First it's easy to be big, so you should think about calorie.
Of couse I pay attention to food's calories, especially an intake of deep-fried foods.
So I don't eat too much.

Second, now we can move easily, less do exercises.
It's not good for your physical health.
I recommend that about 1 hour excercise two times a week.
For example, you should run 10 kilometers per day.

Final exam @ English language school

Next week, I have two exam.
Today teacher told us questions, so I prepare for it.

The best fast food restaurant ?

Sorry I don't like fast food, because fast food is high in calorie and is't not good for health.
When I was a young I eat often burgers but it sat heavy on the stomach.
So I don't want to eat fast food now.
Of course I know that japanese fast foods, such as UDON or SOBA, is low in calolie.
But I don't have a custom to eat a snack.
I want use 500 yen not for fast food but books.


Today is "七夕".
In Japan people pray to God for something on a strip of pape and hang it.
I think almost all the children enjoy this custom.
Do you know that in Hokkaido "七夕" is 7 August.

Anyway I didn't write my wish about over ten years.
And My wish in this year is a secret.

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What is youth ? ? ?
Dictionary have the quality or state of being youthful.
Anyway if you are young, you can challenge anything with with enthusiasm.
I think difference between the young and the old is thinking about risks.
If you are young you can attempt boldly.
Even if you are failed, you can challenge again !
Don't be afraid and trust yourself !

One on one English

Yeah !
I got a bonus this month.
Before I tended to waste, but now I save money.
I permit myself good use.
Of course I use for English school.
I proposed an English language school.
From next month I'm going to start one on one English twice a week for six months.
It's not cheap so I make use of govermenthelp called "教育訓練給付金制度".
We pay many kind of tax so we should use public services.
Anyway, I will get a hundred thousand yen.
It's big deal.


I like sweets, so I like soft cream.
However I reraly eat it, because I care fat and sugar.
Of course I don't have enough money to buy it.
Anyway my favarite is a bitter chocolate.
Usually I ate chocolate flavor.
But I don't like choco mint because it's taste is like a tooth paste.
I have a great memory about an ice cream.
About 10 years ago I went to Denmark for business trip.
Denmark is famous for dairy farming.
I drank milk and taste was fantastic !
Cheese was also delicious.
One day I ate a soft cream.
Its flavor is extremely rich and I have never eaten such a milky ice cream.

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I'm so tired.

Sorry recentry I'm very busy and can't sleep enough.
So I'm very tired and want to sleep.
See you tomorrow.

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