Personal Qualities

I am very punctual. I've never been late for school in 12 years and now I usually arrive about ten minitues before metting somebody. I'm honest and not two-faced, but sometimes I have a sharp tongue. So, I am sometimes indifferent to others because I want to feel calm. Before I was a perfectionist so I was inflexible. Now, I'm still decisive but flexible. Maybe I'm gradually mature. I'm scientist so I want to be logical and patient. Of course I want to follow the law.

Today's lesson's review

Today I went to the English school for the first time in a long time. My teacher was very kind and checked my grammar thorough.

I want to work abroad so I started learning English. My hobby is. . . I like playing guitar and listening music.

People from ○○ want to preserve their life style, but sometimes they are unfriendly to visitors.

My father is organised, but my mother is a little disorganised. (She is not so organised as my father.)

We don't know how the money will be used .

Tanktops are inappropriate for Biz.

My previous boss was very flexible, but unfortunately my current boss can be inflexible.

He is indecisive person. We both want to do a good job but we have different ways of doing things.

Today's new words


1 : proper or rightly pertinent
2 : having requisite or adequate ability or qualities : fit
3 : legally qualified or adequate

4 : having the capacity to function or develop in a particular way; specifically : having the capacity to respond (as by producing an antibody) to an antigenic determinant

incompetent is very strong comment so please take care to use.

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50,000 words

Today I read PENGUIE READERS "WOMEN IN BUSINESS(level 4)". It was original contents and easy to read. And I' ve read 50,000 words. I think I can read 100,000 words near the future. Perhaps LEVEL 4 is easy to read and I could read comparatively speedy. But I still translated into Japanese. It's a big hurdle for me. I can't imagne to read English naturally. Now I consider which is better way for me, Reading LEVEL 4(quantity) or LEVEL5(quality).Maybe conbibnation is good, for example one LEVEL5 book and four LEVEL4 books. And I should continue read the books I've already read again and again to read more speedy.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


Before I wrote about GTEC and "reading part level". Today I write about "listening level" because I have to improve listening level immediately My score is far from my goal. Recentry I didn't dictate, so I should be better to try again. Dictacion is the key.

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Review "coedas advanced Vol.2"

I think if I don't use English expression I forget easily, it's a big problem. I've been learning English conversation and I didn't finish a half of lessons, so I should try to use these expressions !

Anyway, do you know 「標準語彙水準12000」(SVL=Standard Vocabulary List) ?

Level 1 is easy but I couldn't remember the meaning of excuse and pound.

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Yesterday and today I read penguin books. First I read LEVEL 2 and I enjoyed the story but it's very easy to read. Then I read LEVEL 3 and it was also easy. Next I'll try LEVEL 4 and I decide what LEVEL is better to improve my reading skill. Of course I read what I wanted to read so it's easy to understand. And I should better try to measure a reading speed. My goal is 300 words per min and reading one million words. Now I only read 40.862 words . . . Anyway I continue but The most my worry is money to buy these books ! Tomorrow I'll go to a library near my house but maybe there is no books. Now I think to start reading paperbooks.

Review "coedas advanced Vol.2"

Today I bought 4 Penguin readers books. I surprised because the price depends on the book level. In short level 1 is cheapest and Level 5 is highest ! of course level depends on the number of words, so story of the Level 5 is longer than level 1. Today I bought New Yorkers(by O. Henly), "The beatles", "The Road Ahead(by Bill Gates)" and Theacher Man(by Frank McCourt). Today I don't want to buy novel.

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Yesterday I wrote about the way to improve reading skills. Before I bought penguin readers "Death on th Nile", but I've not read yet. Now I'm reading climax part, in short detective Poirot reveal the murderer. This book is Level 5(2300 headwords, upper-intermeiate). At first I could read this easily, but it was difficult. I think the most big problrem is a number of charactesr in a novel. Usually there are many people in ditective nobels to make it to difficult to reveal the murderer. But for me sometimes difficult to remember who they are. So it's difficult to trace the story. I think wordsisn't so difficult but story is difficult ! Even if I read the a thriller, I don't feel scary. Next I want to try more easy story books. Anyway I have to read faster !

Studyong methods for each levels in GTEC

In GTEC website there are many advise for candidates for GTEC. I have to improve my English reading skill because it's worst score !


Ususally a paragraph consists of one "Topic Sentence" and some "Supporting Sentences".
I've never awared of sucha thing even a Japanese literatures.

Anyway topic sentence is a theme of a paragraph and generally the first sentence so I have to read well.

A Supporting sentences is explains about a topic sentence with reasons("The reason behind this is..." or "This is because..."), outsider's opinions("for example" or "such as..."), objective data("...says" or "According to...") and so on.


First Step : Read the books I'm intrested in or about my hobby.

Second Step : Read 500 words(A4 paper) in 3 min.

Third Step : take care of conjunctions.

Final Step : Read carefully the last paragraph.


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Today's lesson is a chat !

I enjoy English conversation lessons using textbook. The textbook contains ten chapters and I'm going to finish untill December. But I think my curriculum progress faster so it's not bad to chat. Today I talked about music and I took care the tense (present perfect tense). I'm still not good at using the present perfect tense. But I hear native English speaker use the present perfect tense, moreover they use much more than the past tense. Indeed the present perfect tense is useful. I want to try use more and have a good command of English !

I started listening HM when I was HSS.
I've been listening to HM for 20 years.
since I was a HSS.

Anyway today my teacher told me to use easy expression and make a easy sentense. he told me that the Japanese use unusual expression which native speakers never use.

And today's last topic. It's very sad/happy news. My company recruited applicants for berlitz English school. of course tuition is free so I appry for. Then I took the GTEC exam and waited for notification. The result was "You can go overseas bussiness trip." so score is higher to get the qualification. By the way Writing>Speaking>Listening>Reading and it's reasonable. because I seldom read English news or novels.

第813回 「最近、歩いてますか?」

Probably as you know, I had been going to fa itness gym twice a week for five years. I enjoyed free-weight training and running, but now I have no time to go to the gym because I started studying English conver sation. So I only run ten kilometers twice a week. If I have a time I would like to train again. I think recentry my physical strength become lower. Of course I still take a walk or run around the Imperial Palace. I want to continue running. But sometimes I wionder if I move from current house where I shoul run ? The distance around the Imperial Palace is about five kilometers, so it's easy how far I run. I like running around the park so I want live near a big park. I recommend physical exercise or running. I know that at first people think exercise or running isn't fun or boring. I think it's an ordinary reaction. But once you start and continue for several years, you don't want to stop it ! But take care for an injury.

Today's lesson

First I learned counting animals !

a pack of dogs
a pride of lions
a herd of horses
a flock of sheeps

a murder of crows

Animal Congregations, or What Do You Call a Group of.....?

転勤 : transfer
人件費 : personnel expenses

big picture - details

The maintenance fee will be too high !

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It was raining today. Last night I drank with my colleagues so today I was hungover and spend time in my house. But I didn't do anything else without preparation of lesson. I woke aup at 10 am and read books. In the evening I took a nap for 3 hours. If it was sunny day I would do more active, but I didn't feel like this. Tommorow at first I want to go to air show at "Hyakuri base" but I decide not to go because of bad condition. Of course it takes 2 hours to go. So I plan running around royal palace and go to some places to check the new apartments for move. Anyway I have a nine days vacation from 19 so now I take care my health.

I'm little tired ????

Recentry, my blog tends to get into a rut because I'm only studying. It's about time to apply TOEIC. Sometimes I'm about to lose my goals. To get high score or pass the exam is one of my goal so I have to keep studying.

Lesson's review

Today's teacher is literaly teacher ! So I take notes very much ! Today I talked about rent.
It's important to ask rent. This is a standard question. iI'm calling about the ad. How much is rent ? then Agent say "It's \100.000 a month." If you think you can get a discount and want to negotiate you say like this. "Could you give me a discount ?" or "Could you lower the rent to \80.000 ?" or "Could you lower the rent by \20.000 ?" "How about \80.000 ?" is also OK. Agents ansewr "It's deal." or "I'll take it." Of course sometimes they say "I'm sorry but Ihave to raise the rent."

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Lesson review

First we talked about Vancouver and The Puget Sound( Washington). There are beautiful sea and we can see orca (a killer whale, シャチ). Then I studied to find a place to live. I think there are many difference between Japan and US. First in Japan there are no ad. about places in the newspaper. Second usually, utility bill isn't included in rent. Thrid, information form about apartmernt is different, for example room direction is a must in Japan but not in US. Of course in Japan rent is certainly written in ad. I heard that in US sometimes you have to wash clothing at other building !

brief : short in duration, extent, or length
abbreviation : a shortened form of a written word or phrase used in place of the whole
inquire : nearly equal to ask. formal expression
landlord : the owner of property (as land, houses, or apartments) that is leased or rented to another
landlady : a woman who is a landlord

May I take a look at it ?
I'm calling about the ad.
What floor is it on ?
How big is the apartment ?
Is there air conditioning ?
How much is the deposit ?

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Sometimes I watch English movies, but I couldn't understand wha t they said because they speak too fast for me. Recentry I'm listening to ESL podcast and it's not difficult to understand because they speak slowly. Of course ESL means English for Second Language so they don't speak usual speed. So I would start listen faster speaking teaching materials. I know it's important that if I listen to English I should have to know the sentences, so I want to try such a textbooks with a sound source. When I was student, I see the ad, English adventure" or ""SIM in the newspaper. I tried SIM and actually my English score improved. I remember "SIM同時通訳方式". Anyway I have to try something again. But now I'm irresolute which material I should select. "English marathon", "Speed learning", "Super ELMer", "Pimsleur English" etc and all material isn't cheap. If possible I want to buy used. To decide the material I checked many web site but now I still can't what I try.

coedas advanced

I've been studying "coedas advanced" for a month becouse I want to learn English dairy expression. Now I study "coedas advanced" during the noon recess. Coedas is composed of six vol and today I finished VOL. 1. There are 8 units per vol. and you study one unit by 2 days. In VOL. 1 I learned expressions relate with human relations. Today I review this vol.

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Elephant Talk

Yes, I know. I know that learning English means learning a different way of thinking. But I have sometimes quarrel with Japanese. I believe I'm not a offensive person and I'm not willing to quarrel. I'm tend to get angry whe I'm overpowered. Recentry I want to change my post so I have to master communicating skills, especially negotiation technique. In short My weakpoint is lack of self-control. I have to keep cool and calm. Generally a person who can't control himself is immature. Before I read book about negotiation and I think I'm going to be better to negotiate in e-mail. But I still can't negotiate one-on-one situation and I have to improve it ! So I decided to read other books about negotiation. My goal of this year is to improve my personal relations !

Today's lesson review

Today I had an English and I spoke English very well. I could use a perfect tense and it's a great progress. But my speaking speed is still very slow.Today we taked about trafic and commute. I enjoyed role play !

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English Grammar in Use With Answers

At last I finished "English Grammar in Use With Answers" ! Almost every weekday morning I've studied this reference. There are 145 units in this textbook, so it took over seven months to finish it ! I think this reference is easy to understand because explanation is clear and detailed. so I could complete it. Of course this text is writen in English and it's a first experience to use English textboook for me, but I enjoyed ! Anyway I think I've not mastered grammer yet, so I want to read it sometimes. And next I'll try English writing.

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