Today's lesson

Today's lesson was level check. I don't know how is the level check and I couldn’t prepare for this lesson, so I feel stress a little. First I watched a DVD and summarized it. However the speaking speed was faster than I thought. I think it’s more difficult than listening test of TOEIC. Ant there are background noise so I couldn’t often catch up the contents. My teacher told me my listening skill was better than other student (I hope it’s not lip service), but I didn’t feel satisfaction yet. He recommended to watch movies with English subtitles. Now I listen English during commute, should I watch Disney movies? I heard that British movie is very difficult to understand what they say. Anyway watched third times and managed to understand. Next I listened teacher’s reading. It’s about weather report and I’m not good at listening about weather report and guide. I think to memorize the place name and direction is difficult to me. Because I have no sense of direction !

Today's lesson

Good night ! Today it was a heavy rainy day ! It took me about ten minutes on foot to my office, so my umbrella was about to break by strong wind. Anyway today I listened a collection of problems for TOEIC and I felt it’s easy to understand. I was very pleased because I was convinced my efforts. So I brace myself in English lesson. Today’s lesson is review I’ve been learning this term. I concern about my speaking speed. Now I’m checking record of this lesson, maybe speed isn’t bad. I remember my first lesson. My teacher told me not to translate Japanese to English. However I wonder I could. I didn’t pay attention to this. This is very important things to speak English. Next lesson is level check. So I have to review enough and remember many words and expressions I learned.

Job interview

Have you ever written a job application? In Japan usually we write our PR ( what can I say 自己PR in English??? Self-public relation???). Now I’m writing an application form for personnel change in my company. So I have to write many questions. For example “Why are you interested in this job?” or “What are your long goals” etc. However I think it’s the most difficult thing to write. Writing our work experience or summary of qualifications is easier than it. But as you know self-introduction is very difficult ! Today I spent about three hours to write only five hundred words. Can you write more quickly ? I think if you read this article you should better try to make your own. It’s good opportunity to examine yourself. You may know your strength and weakness. You may find your vocation or what you want to do. Anyway I was annoyed composition. Because I want to write my personality, communication skill or so. Finally I finished it so tomorrow I look it over again. And I have to make presentation materials. Oh my gosh.

IC RECORDEr is very powerful tool

I recorded every English lesson by IC recorder for review, so it's easy to check my English level. Recently I think I was losing my concentration. I spoke slowly and my pronunciation become worse, so I get impatient at myself. Now I’m coming to the crucial point. I have to brace myself. When can I be satisfied with my English. At least I want to pronounce better. Recently I didn’t do accent training so I‘ll start again. And I practice to speak fast and fluently. Of course English is a second language for me so I don’t demand perfect, but I want to try best !

Your English is correct. . .but. . .

Today is my English school day! Today my teacher told me to talk with many information because my sentence is sometimes difficult to understand. Also he checked my Japanese textbook casual English. When he heard these expression, he thought the speaker maybe Japanese. I should have to read “日本人の英語 (岩波新書)”. Anyway he told me not to use “of course”, because it’s not “natural”. And we played role playing. He said if I ask the questions you have to make the sentence easy to understand, for example when, where, what. In Japanese I ask questions what I want to know, so in English I have to think what I want to know.

such a kind → this/that kind
permission → license
be accustomed to → used to
enjoy → like (enjoy nealy equal like)

Today’s words

Vague : not clearly expressed : stated in indefinite terms
Reclaim : to make available for human use by changing natural condition


Today I had a kind of oral test ! Of couse I could answer more fluently than I took 3 month ago. However I was still clumsy and couldn't explain what I want. And sometimes I misunderstood question. My teacher told me to take care the tense, especially passive form. It's been only three month since I've been learning English. So if I still continue learning more than one year I'll be betterspeaker than now absolutely !

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It's almost 3 month since I started going English school. Today I heard the record of first lesson. I heard it at 1.3 times speedy but I felt that my talking speed was awful ! Now I think it was too late. I can speak more quickly than 3 month ago. I understand the importance of continuation. For me it takes more than one years to speak fluently.

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New York Times

At last I decided to read the newspaper, not Japanese but English. I've not ever subscribed newspaper because I have no time to read and don't interested in news. So the purpose of reading the newspaper is reading English, especially business and financial news. Of course the expression of articles are sophisticated so it’s also good for business writing. However it’s very hard to read because there are many new vocabularies, But I want to use English for business so I have to memorize. I hope I can read with a fun in the near future. Anyway it's improtant to read every day !


When I was a young I don't like vegetables. However when I started living alone, I unwillingly ate vegetable for my health and gradually could eat them. Now I can eat almost all vegetables without celery. Anyway I want to eat much vegetables, but it's cost isn't cheap. Moreover recently prices become higher. So I don't eat vegetables well enough although I like salad. Sometimes I supplement by vegetable juice or a vitamin tablet. Almost every day I cook by myself and I don't have much repertoire to cook so it's difficult me to make many vegetable dish. Someday I want to go vegetable restaurant.

Today's review

Today we talked about injuries. For example, if you are hit by a car on the street and your bone is broken, someone call emergency(119). Then ambulance is coming and paramedic brought you to the car by stretcher. You are taken to the emergency room and x-rayed. After a medical examination, doctor sets a broken leg in a (plaster) cast. If you want to walk you should better to use crutches. I hope you're back on your feet soon.

abbreviation : in communications (especially written), the process or result of representing a word or group of words by a shorter form of the word or phrase.

acronyms : The combination of the first syllables or letters of component words within phrases or within names having more than one word is common and often produces acronyms, which are pronounced as words and which often cease to be considered abbreviations.

Oh, I bumped my funny bone ! (If you bumped your elbow, sometimes it becomes numb.)

When I was a boy, I played at car parking area. Then car run over me ! It was very slowly so my bone wasn't broken, but I sprained my ankle and couldn't walk because of shock. Of course I went to emergency hospital by the ambulance. Then I took a X-ray and checked a brain waves. I was lucky to alive !

After all vocabulary

Today I did the exercises in English and there are many business words. I rarely read NYT or FT so I couldn't understand the meaning of sentence. I want to use English for my work, so I have to strengthen my vocabulary. Of course I should read such newspaper but I want to read some books about economics. In the future I buy some words books. Anyway recently I write similar topics again and again. I think it's no use because I started writing this blog from this year. . . I want to memorize words well enough but recently I couldn't have a time to study vocabulary. . . Also I write about today's topic again.

coedas Vol.3 review

Today is a HAPPY MONDAY, but I stayed at home. Maybe I recovered, but I took good care of myself. I did my daily work "coedas" and finished VOL.3, so I finished a half of this teaching material. However now I suspend it and begin for TOEIC and EIKEN. Last time I couldn't mark a good score at reading section, so I improve my weekness, grammar and idiom.

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I've finished reading a hundred thousand words !

I caught a cold so I stayed at home this weekend and read English books. I read two Oxford Book Worm books(level 4). I enjoyed reading and maybe I could read a book within 2 hours or so. I think I could read faster than when I started reading English books. Sometimes I saw the words I didn't know the meaning, but I didn't care. Next target is reading three hundred thousand words. Every weekend perhaps I can read thirty thousand words so it takes about two month. It is said that to read paper books you have to finish one million words reading. I'll achieve a year later. . . I want to try classics. I'm gradually into studying English. However it may be a lifework. Anyway, I want to go to abroad and speak English and communicate with people. Tommorow I'll read "The return of Sherlock Holmes".


Before one years ago I had been doing weight training, but I gave up because I started learning English. Weight training is a very tough sports. To keep a good shape I have to take in protein everyday and it takes much money. When I trained in the morning I only slept so I couldn't enjoy any other activities. In my case, I think it's too late to start training. Now I'm interested in rock climbing, but I don't know why. I like physical exercise and want to be stronger and more tough. Of course I don't know the details about it. Anyway I want to try outdoor sports, but I don't like winter sports because I don't like cold weather.

Today's review and Marshmallow

Today we talked about a marshmallow. My teacher told me it's the best dessert at camping. They grill it by campfire. First I wondered what fruit is it. Then I confused to hear grill it ! I misunderstanded what is marshmallow because I couldn't imagine grill fruits. Later I understand marshmallow. In Japan we don't usually grill it. However they grill it and eat with chocolate and cookie. Such a dessert called a "smore" and it's a very popular dessert for children. Do you know about it ? Next we talked about camping food. In Japan, I think curry and rice is standard but in America it's not popular. It's easy to understand because for Japanese curry is like a soul food. It's a cultual difference.

today's words
I think Ihave to study daily words !

sue : to seek justice or right from (a person) by legal process
blister : an elevation of the epidermis containing watery liquid
repellent : a substance that repels insects
sprain : a sudden or violent twist or wrench of a joint with stretching or tearing of ligaments
SPF : sun protection formula

I'm only sleeping

When I wake up early in the morning
Lift my head, I'm still yawning

Anyway recentry I can't sleep well enough because it is very cold in the early morning. I think I'm a long sleeper and want to sleep about seven hours. However usually I sleep five or six hours and don't take a nap. Yesterday and today I got up at five a.m. so now I'm very tired. Moreover my comforter is small for me ! I have to buy a big blanket to keep warm myself. Also I need best pillow. And my trouble is that I can't sleep in the train. In Japan sleeping in the train isn't danger so there are many people sleeping. Before I could sleep, but now I can't. I don't know the reason. Perhaps I'm listening English in the train. MY most happy sleeping is at the lesson or the conference.

Today's lesson

I still couldn't answer for questions sometimes. My answer isn't suitable for question. I have to listen questions carefully. Anyway I had a good news about reading English books. In short I can borrow books from my English school. I can borrow two books per two week. Today I borrowed "Silas Marner" and "The Hound of the Baskervilles". I have already read "The Hound of the Baskervilles" in Japanese but I don't know the story of"Silas Marner". Anyway I get a good surroundings. Of couse I can save money and it's very important for me. Therefore I want to read hundred thousand words per month.

to receive with the implied or expressed intention of returning the same or an equivalent

payment for the temporary use of something b : payment for labor or personal services

a usually fixed periodical return made by a tenant or occupant of property to the owner for the possession and use thereof

coedas Vol.3 review

Today I got up early and ran 10 kilometer around the imperial palace. I think recently there are many runner. Maybe marathon season is coming. Anyway there were crowded so sometimes I felt hard to run. I want kep my body mass index(BMI) about ten percent, so I have to run more. If I move my house where I should have to run ? It's a big probrem. If possible I want to run outdoor not tredmill.

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Today I thought I'd learn how to write an English e-mail Also I thought what is the nice references. Then I notice Part Ⅳ of TOEIC is good for learning. Maybe it's not so difficult to learn form but difficult to learn appropriate expression. I should buy some book for it. Anyway I have to continue writing. Oh I need more time to study English. Now I've been learning English conversation thisi year, I decide I keep on going. To continue learning, I have to pay more money, but I think it't a good investiment for me !

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Today when I went out home it was cloudy. Then I took a train and commuted to my office. When I arrived at the station it was raining. I didn't take my umbrella, so I had to buy it. First I thought the prise was about six hundred yen because it sold such a prise at shops in downtown. but I could buy at forty hundred and fifty yen ! Maybe this place is local areas but it's an unexpect expenses.

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Recentry my teacher give me a homework. But I think it was nice because I had my English composition corrected. It helps me my writing skill up !

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