Chapter 4 LEVEL 3

Today I learned investment again. I’ve been invested for two years, so today’s topic wasn’t difficult for me. Perhaps I have more knowledge than teacher. However there were idioms I didn’t know and it wasn’t easy to advise how to investment. For example, to explain a portfolio management or an asset allocation. I could better if I had enough vocabulary. Recently I think I should build vocabulary to read New York Times or Financial times.

When the dollars lost value, the price of gold increased. The risk decrease.

Save money on something / I don’t pay as much.
I’m in debt/out of debt(something owed).
Stay on a budget
Stay out of debt. = avoid the debt.


There are many insurances for example social insurance, life insurance, sickness insurance etc. These insurances are for my health. I also have an insurance for household goods. And next year it’ll expire and I wonder what kind of insurance will I buy. Because there are many insurance for fire, earthquake, goods, theft! Insurance is only for insurance, so I’m very confused and I don’t want to pay an expensive insurance. But I have to take out a insurance for home. I’ll ask my friend what insurance is good. I like Sony so I so I have an insurance, but Sony doesn’t have an insurance for home. Now I need an insurance for fire, earthquake and theft.

Chapter 4 LEVEL4

Today I talked about investments and banks. Recently I started an investment because my company started a contribution-type pension system. And last year recession I had a great loss, so I’ve studied an investment. Now I’m not risk taker. My main investment is mutual fund, index funds. My final goal is for retirement. Now I don’t think early retirement. I want to work! Anyway at Chapter 4 in LEVEL3 I already learned about opening bank account I forgot many words! 

Saving account (普通預金)
Certificate of deposit / Term deposit (定期預金)
Stocks / mutual fund / ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund)
Precious metals
Private equity funds

Kids / education
House / Car
Payback a loan
Trip / fashion / entertainment
Start own business

Commission : a formal written warrant granting the power to perform various acts or duties
Budget : a statement of the financial position of an administration for a definite period of time based on estimates of expenditures during the period and proposals for financing them

habitual conditional with if

I’ve been busy for a week, so I forget my homework ! My homework is writing compositions. A theme is “habitual conditional with if”

If I go to a coffee shop, I drink a coffee latte.
If I have a fever, I take a holiday and stay in bed.
If you drink, do you go to second party?
If you are where do you go?

Anyway at last there is only about forty days! Time lies!

At interview

In this month I had a job interview. I think I couldn’t manage it. I know that a preparation for the interview is very important, so I prepared an application form, a presentation material and a manuscript well enough. However I couldn’t assume Q&A and it was my big mistake. Especially I couldn’t introduce myself in English. I wondered if I prepared or not, but finally I didn’t. I was very regret because I’ve already studied how to talk about myself at Berlitz, but I couldn’t well enough. I should prepare for it. Also at that time I was very nervous so I couldn’t ask good questions. I think my impression was not so good. So I change my mind and decided to try again. I think I’ll be able to manage it at the next time.

TOEIC reading section

Next week, I’ll take a TOEIC exam and I want to get better score than last score. However I’m very busy so I couldn’t well prepare for the reading section. I’ve been studying for only two weeks. I think my grammar isn’t still good but my reading speed is very improved because I’ve continued read extensively. And my comprehension is also improved. For example only one time reading is enough to answer the question. Before I couldn’t do that! So to get over 900 score I mustn’t make mistakes at grammar. However in spite of studying “English Grammar in Use With Answers”, I still made many mistakes. The biggest problem is my lack of vocabularies and idioms. I think I may understand construction. Anyway my last score is L430/R345, so I hope I score L450/R410. I think I manage to do!

LEVEL CHECK & the subjunctive mood

Comprehension : 10/10
Vocabulary : 8/10
Grammar : 7/10 (weak point : tense and preposition)
Function : 10/10
Fluent : 8/10

Today I had a counseling and level check. My teacher told me that I’ve made an effort and my score is higher than other students. So please keep your motivation. To hear it I think my efforts work well and objective judgment is good to review my strong/weak point. Listening skill is relatively improved. And I could expressions I’ve learned. However I constantly made mistakes, tense and grammar. Now I’ve been building vocabularies so I hope it’ll be improved. I want to speak right tense.

Today I learned about negotiation using the subjunctive mood, but it was very difficult because I’ve never used at daily conversation. I think when I was a high school student it might be very difficult.

続きを読む »


Tomorrow I’ll take a level check. It’s a fun and strain because I wonder how I could improve my level. I think level check is very useful because it’s a objective check and I can decide my next aim. But I’ll took after my lesson so maybe I’ll be very tired. Anyway If my level improved well, I’ll be very happy. I think it’s the long and winding road to communicate in English. In Japan I can have opportunities to communicate with English speakers at the map on the sidewalk . I should use this opportunities. And I hope in the future I can work abroad. I also continue studying grammar and reading books. And I should try watching movies with English subtitles. Recently I’m used to go to the English school and tend to dull so I have to change my heart.

LEVEL 4 chapter 3 (part 2)

Today I had a lesson at Berlitz. Anyway do you know how to spell “フリーマーケット”? It’s not “free market” but “flea market”! Do you know a flea?
Flea : any of an order (Siphonaptera) of small wingless bloodsucking insects that have a hard laterally compressed body and legs adapted to leaping and that feed on warm-blooded.
There are sometimes flea in used clothes, so we call it flea market!

Today I learned about negotiation again and did a role play but it was difficult me because I haven’t been used to negotiate.

bargaining : negotiation between an employer and a labor union usually on wages, hours, and working conditions

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I'm very busy

I decided to move and luckily found a good apartment. However in this case I use “JKK東京”, so I have to prepare many certificates and inspection is very complicated. But if I want to save money (a brokerage fee, key money and a renewal charge), I have to spend time and effort. Of course it’s exactly the merit of JKK. Next I have to ask moving companies for an estimated cost and decide the day for move. Maybe I move in December. At new apartment there are no air conditioner, a cooking stove and lights so I have to buy. However the most surprising thing is there is no window screens ! I’ll ask neighbor how to manage it. The new apartment fee is cheaper than current fee, but roomier than current house. And there are a lively shopping district and groceries is cheaper. So I can save money! I think residence is important but it give me a good experience or talent. So I save the cost and use for self- investment or so on. Now in my plan I continue to live in a public residences.

LEVEL 4 chapter 3

In the chapter 3, I study about a negotiation. The negotiation technique is must for business. However I’ve rarely bargained so I don’t know the negotiation manner. Anyway in this chapter I have to learn many things, but it’s very difficult for me now. And I wrote that I was very tired at Wednesday so I couldn’t concentrate last lesson. Also I forgot that I studied some negotiation techniques by “coedas advance”. I’m ashamed it. At business scene there are many conflicts of interest and objection so I take care of it and polite expressions.

Recently we had a problem, So could you investigate the problem?
I’m sorry but there is nothing we can. It seems like/We believe that your using isn’t for a recommended condition. In that case we can’t repair for free.

We looked for the problem. We think that there are. . . because. . .

We would like you to. . . , then we can help you.

If you investigate. . .we will/can help you.

We are planning to buy . . . so could you lower the price ? How about 5%? OK, we can accept/manage that. This works for us.

LEVEL 4 Chapter 3 & 4

Today I went Berlitz. Recently I'm very busy and can't sleep enough so I sometimes absent-mindedly missed our speaking at today’s lesson. First I asked my teacher to correct my English composition. My weakness is “tense”, “preposition” and . . . “an article”. My teacher said it’s not so bad. Preposition is very difficult ! So take care “tense” and “preposition”. I think correction is good, so I’ll ask to correct. Anyway my recent aim is to speak fluently but I couldn’t because I’m sleepy. Chapter 3 is about lunch or restaurants so it's easy. next chapter is about bussiness negotiation and it's a very tough topic. I'll review it tomorrow. I have to do text homework ! Bye, see you !

Tolerance = capacity to endure pain or hardship.

Today's review

Today I learned "the comparative degree". I thought it wasn’t difficult but making some examples weren’t easy. Also I think textbook isn’t but it’s quality isn’t the same as reference book. I think the purpose of textbook is for speaking or explaining so today I enjoyed role playing. Anyway Today’s my teacher spoke faster so I had to concentrate his speak but it was a fun. However I was not good at explain something yet. Today I read "英語で意見を論理的に述べる技術とトレーニング". So my diary is over.

embarrass : to place in doubt, perplexity, to cause to experience a state of self-conscious distress
disgust : to provoke to loathing, repugnance, or aversion

Drinking party

Hello! Long time no see. Recently I was very busy, so I couldn’t update my blog. Thursday I had a drinking party with my colleagues and I enjoyed till eleven p.m. and slept at one a.m. So Friday I wanted to sleep all day. In November and December I have many things to do on weekend. Also 29th in this month I take the TOEIC exam so I’ve been studying now. I started taking mock exams (mainly listening section). I don’t know what the score could I get, but now I can get better scores sure. I bought a collection of problems last year so I sometimes remember answers but I think I could understand more than last year. Perhaps I can get score 450 and I think going to English conversation school is useful for me. However my weak point is not listening section but reading section. From this week I’ll start try mock examinations of reading part.

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Today's review

I spend my 4 day-holiday relaxing so it's hard to get back to my regular schedule. I went to the Chiba animal park. It’s a zoo and famous for red panda “風太”. I told about this with my teacher. He know “風太” and he told me about panda. Originally panda means “red panda”. Red panda is “lesser panda”. Then we called panda in China “giant panda”, so we call panda “red panda”. I think it’s very interesting. Anyway I learn English using original textbook. However today I almost didn’t use it and has a free discussion. I explained my company and difference Generic drugs, but it was not easy. Generic drug company sell drugs whose patents have expired. After we talk about this topic, teacher told me whether I told about English level check, so I told him now I wanted to focus my speaking speed. Therefore I’ve been practicing shadowing. Teacher advised me how to improve speaking English speed. Anyway I achieved read extensively “200,000” words !

テーマ : 英語・英会話学習 - ジャンル : 学校・教育

Will you be seeing you ?

I started going to the Berlitz English language center because I could use 10% discount service. For me tuition isn’t cheap but because of this I will be studying hard. Anyway I’m surprised because there is no school in Kyusyu district. From now I start studying Level 4. In Level 4, I can learn and get knowledge about three topics. First, talking about news. Second, talking about investment or stock. Last, give/take advises. Today I studied chapter 1.
I’m work for pharmaceutical company but I’m not a rep but a researcher. And I don’t like a conference, so I rarely have a opportunity for developing relationship or making appointments. But in the future it’ll be useful for me I hope.

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テーマ : 英語・英会話学習 - ジャンル : 学校・教育

Threee Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Last weekend I read "Three Men in a Boat". I read this but it's not original material. I read Oxford Bookworms version. I wanted to read this story because I heard that this was very interesting book. Unfortunately I didn't interested in this funny(?) story. Maybe sense of humor is different from me and I think I couldn’t understand witty remarks in English. I wonder if I read this in Japanese, can I laugh ? However I was interested in boat trip because I may not be able to trip in that way. It seems very interesting because I can feel nature. Anyway of course OBW version is shorten version so if I read original, perhaps I can feel funny. Now I checked book review of AMAZON com., Almost all the reviewer marked four or five stars at “ボートの三人男” ! When I can laugh reading paperbooks I’m feel so fine.

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